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Health Care Reform

Is health care reform actually happening?

Is health care reform actually happening?

I have felt for a very long time that a major obstacle for economic growth in the United States was the health care situation.  For as many small business that are started up, how many more great ideas are shelved because of the economic barriers to entrepreneurship? Arguably, one of those largest barriers is health insurance.  And, it’s not just a barrier for the person starting the business… but when you start a business, sometimes you need to hire people, and you want to hire the best people.  How many of those best people will be willing to work without health insurance? [...]

Alpine Access: Working from Home – Scam or Legitimate Business?

Alpine AccessA quick search for the keyword ‘Alpine Access’ into your trusty search engine will reveal the debate raging on about whether or not this company, which promises those who wish to work at home the opportunity to do so, is legitimate or a scam. Well we can say, after reading MANY reviews and investigating into the background of the company, that Alpine Access is legitimate. [...]

The Marines Turn 234! Working From Home After Public Service

Marine Corps BirthdayThousands of American Marines across the world will celebrate the corps’ 234th birthday on Tuesday, November 10.  This annual celebration, dating back to November 1, 1921, involves a cake-cutting ceremony where the first piece of cake goes to the Assistant Chief of Staff of Marine Corps Mobilization Command, Col. Ivan Glasco, the second piece goes to the oldest Marine and the third piece goes to the youngest Marine.  This ceremony is conducted similarly by Marines stationed all over the world. [...]

Trapped by Familiarity?

Andre Agassi's shocking autobiography. He describes how trapped he felt doing something he hated

Andre Agassi's shocking autobiography. He describes how trapped he felt doing something he hated

The husband and I sat down to watch Andre Agassi on 60 Minutes this evening.  His autobiography, Open, comes out tomorrow, and is full of juicy and scandalous revelations.  He was addicted to crystal meth.  His iconic hair of the late 80s was a weave.  And perhaps most surprising, he hated tennis, and still doesn’t like it very much.  I found it shocking – he was so good at it, it was his whole life, and he hated it! [...]

The Droid Launch and Your Options

Motorola DroidToday, with the new Motorola Droid cell phone launch taking the world, and the Internet, by storm, tech gadget & cell phone enthusiasts are buzzing. However, if you’re not one of those people who knows everything about a new application or cell phone when it comes out, trying to decide on the best phone for you while you work at home can be tough. [...]

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