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T-Mobile Outage Equals Good Deal Opportunity for Your Business?

Cell TowerOften running a small business can mean living on and by your hand-held tele-communicating device, or cell phone.  Those running small businesses and working from home, or even from their cars, depend on these tiny morsels of communication for much more than making calls.  With a personal assistant out of the budget plans of most at-home businesses, at-home CEO’s are relying more and more on Blackberries, iPhones, and Sidekicks to hold all the essentials of any business including appointment books, contact lists, client information and notes on new ideas.

Because of these reasons, the service plan that comes with your cell phone needs to be cheap, able to provide you with a wide network, and needs to NOT LOSE YOUR DATA!  Unfortunately, T-Mobile Sidekick users recently found themselves in the middle of an outage where all the data services on their Sidekicks was lost.  This recent flurry has given rise to new concerns regarding cloud computing.  Typically in cloud computing, the software and data are stored on the company servers.  Some experts have advised to stay away from companies that do not make cloud computing a priority.

This kind of outage can be disastrous to small businesses on many different levels.  In an age where technology has made much of tangible, physical data records obsolete, the reverberations of the T-Mobile crash are making some people rethink the security and convenience of internet storage.  This recent scare is a reminder for businesses to make sure that they have EVERYTHING backed up on a hard copy.  If your cell phone could go at any moment, why wouldn’t your laptop?  How much information could you stand to lose without putting your home business in jeopardy?  In lieu of T-Mobile’s outage, some experts have even gone far enough to suggest that each person have their genome sequenced and keep a copy of it in a safe place!

Fortunately for businesses on a budget, although T-Mobile has resolved the data service, public scrutiny and mistrust have compelled the company to offer new money-saving deals in an attempt to lure customers back.  Because the data service was fully recovered and T-Mobile is now placing more emphasis on their cloud computing, it’s probably worth a look to see what deals are being offered.  This could be a good opportunity for your business to score a great package and maybe make a great deal.  Research the new offers by T-Mobile and consider switching your service provider, especially if you haven’t been happy with it.  Remember that prior to the outage, T-Mobile ranked well in two national wireless satisfaction surveys.  T-Mobile is also known to have good customer service.  Some of their plans include unlimited nights, unlimited weekends, and unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling.  Some T-Mobile phones include the Motorola Razr V3, the BlackBerry Pearl, and, of course, the Sidekick.  T-Mobile is also well known for its already low prices, which makes one wonder just how low are they willing to go to regain your business.

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