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Modern Warfare 2 and Becoming a Video Game Tester

Game TesterModern Warfare 2, the sequel to the popular Modern Warfare video game, has recently been released to rave reviews.  In fact, Modern Warfare 2 is being held as one of the best video gaming experiences ever created!  The video game is being praised for everything from its stellar sound to its realistic world locations and intense action-packed play.  Record breaking sales, however, mean that any errors the game has are bound to be experienced by gamers.  Recently, players have been reporting that they are running into problems when attempting to connect online.  Many users have suggested that rebooting your system does fix this problem. [...]

Yankees Parade: Did Your Job Prevent You from Going?

Yankees ParadeToday, Yankees fans everywhere cry hoorah as their team is rewarded for their 2009 World Series Win with a full-blown, ticker-tape parade in New York City.  An actual benefit for the unemployed includes actually being able to attend the parade in New York city. While the traditionally employed fans are trying to catch a peak at the celebratory parade via the Internet at work, and trying to make sure their boss isn’t around, those of us working from home have found yet another benefit to being the boss of our own schedule. [...]

Sesame Street: 40 Years of Helping Parents Work at Home

Sesame Street GroupThis month, the colorful, wacky, ever-entertaining and, not to forget, always educational characters on Sesame Street celebrate 40 years in television history.  Since 1969, Big Bird, the Cookie Monster, and Elmo have brought informative and creative programming into homes across America, and much of the world. Highly parent-approved, Sesame Street is one of the few television shows running today that parents can plop their kids in front of and not have to worry about the information they will be absorbing. [...]

Happy Anniversary, Sesame Street!

Elmo hasn't been around for 40 years, but now Sesame Street has!

Elmo hasn't been around for 40 years, but now Sesame Street has!

When I worked full time in a corporate job, I’d get the kids to day care by 8:30, and sometimes didn’t pick them up until 6:00 or 6:30.  I hated it!  I was making a great salary that more than paid for their child care, but when all was said and done, paying for the quality of child care I was willing to settle for amounted to a lot of my take-home pay. [...]

Sesame Street 40th Anniversary (Yes, I’m Working!)

Big Bird - Sesame StreetSo I woke up this morning and noticed that the Google Doodle today contains an image of Big Bird’s feet, celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Sesame Street. It’s times like this when I’m glad I work from home, as I get to stick around and watch news about the celebration or read articles like this about something so precious with which I grew up. I even read somewhere that we might see several of Jim Henson’s Muppet characters today on Google’s logo on their homepage. I’m looking forward to seeing Elmo and the Cookie Monster! [...]