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Sesame Street: 40 Years of Helping Parents Work at Home

Sesame Street GroupThis month, the colorful, wacky, ever-entertaining and, not to forget, always educational characters on Sesame Street celebrate 40 years in television history.  Since 1969, Big Bird, the Cookie Monster, and Elmo have brought informative and creative programming into homes across America, and much of the world. Highly parent-approved, Sesame Street is one of the few television shows running today that parents can plop their kids in front of and not have to worry about the information they will be absorbing.

With even daytime television shows becoming increasingly risque, it’s difficult to keep track of what your kids are watching at home, let alone at a friend or relative’s house.  Furthermore, in today’s economy, where most households have both parents working in order to provide a good future for their children, it has become increasingly difficult for parents to keep tabs on the information their young ones receive when they are with nannies or even in day care.

Although being a stay-at-home parent is not always a feasible option, it may be well worth attempting.  Working from home is a great way for parents who want to be more involved in their children’s day-time lives to simultaneously make a living and keep an eye on their kids.  Single parents may also consider this option as a good way to make sure their kids have a healthy growing environment.

Nothing and no one can substitute the presence of a parent in a child’s early years.  Even only working part-time can mean a big difference in your financial life.  With younger children, parents can take the time between naps to work from a laptop. Once kids start school, their time away can be your time to work. Working from home means that your kids never come home to an empty house.  This can prove even more beneficial in a child’s later years and be a good tool for parents raising teenagers.

Shows such as Sesame Street help afford parents and caretakers a small respite from the constant demands of younger children.  What’s even better is that educational shows such as Sesame Street can help kids get a jump start in learning!  So not only can you spend more time with your children in their most formative years, but you can employ tools children are naturally drawn to in order to help further their creativity and education.

For 40 years, Sesame Street has been encouraging children to bring fun into their learning.  The results of this approach can stay with children into their later educational endeavors.  These kinds of shows can also help your children in achieving certain life goals.  For example, in recent times, Sesame Street has turned its attentions to doing its part in helping curb the growing rate of child obesity in this country.  The Cookie Monster discovered that there was more to the culinary pallet than just cookies!  Who knew?

For their 40th year, Sesame Street is planning a few more 3D elements into the show, but parents everywhere can relax knowing that Big Bird’s home of four decades doesn’t plan to stray too far from it’s classic and fun programming.

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