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Working from Home: Persuading your Boss

Keyboard and SandalsThere are many advantages of telecommuting that you can use to convince your employer to let you work from home.

I’ve found 8 benefits you can talk about with your employer, according to Kate Lister and Tom Harnish, authors of “Undress for Success: The Naked Truth About Making Money at Home” (Wiley, 2009).

  1. Most employers that have been surveyed have said that they’ve noticed an improvement in productivity among their employees who were telecommuting. The amount was substantially more than usual and was observed to be as high as 35% more.


CDC says “Stay Home!”

Staying Home with the Flu protects others.

Staying Home with the Flu protects others.

The H1N1 virus is spreading and causing more families to stay home. Business are suffering. Key employees are out with the flu, and it;s been said that if things don’t get better, our country could be in big economic trouble. Business leaders are announcing that it is crucial for local and small businesses to have some type of a backup plan to keep their productivity strong. [...]