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Sesame Street 40th Anniversary (Yes, I’m Working!)

Big Bird - Sesame StreetSo I woke up this morning and noticed that the Google Doodle today contains an image of Big Bird’s feet, celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Sesame Street. It’s times like this when I’m glad I work from home, as I get to stick around and watch news about the celebration or read articles like this about something so precious with which I grew up. I even read somewhere that we might see several of Jim Henson’s Muppet characters today on Google’s logo on their homepage. I’m looking forward to seeing Elmo and the Cookie Monster!

I used to watch the Sesame Street Series almost 20 years ago. For me, it was an educational childrens’ show that grew over time to become a very sophisticated program. Over the years it brought together the previously two different worlds of entertainment and education. That’s probably why it’s become the longest running children’s program on television in this country.

There have been some reports that the U.S. first lady, Michelle Obama, will star on this Childrens’ TV show Sesame Street soon — probably on the November 10th episode, to celebrate its 40th anniversary. She is scheduled to teach children how to plant vegetables such as lettuce, tomato and cucumber seeds.

The best part for me is that I can put on a Snuggie, curl up in front of the TV and watch the celebrations while I work.

Why am I telling you these things? Well, I hope it encourages you to see some of the benefits of working from home. In my case, I’m typing my blog but also trying to think of new ways to utilize this time to make additional income. Meanwhile, this whole children’s TV series talk got me in the mood to look around for other ways I could live out my childhood while I’m typing at home.

I came across a Disney Movie Club that I’m thinking about joining now. Obviously, I’ve had a lot of distractions today, and I’m so excited that I’m not really thinking coherently, so I’m going to stop writing for now, and maybe pick up with a different topic later.

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