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Alpine Access: Working from Home – Scam or Legitimate Business?

Alpine AccessA quick search for the keyword ‘Alpine Access’ into your trusty search engine will reveal the debate raging on about whether or not this company, which promises those who wish to work at home the opportunity to do so, is legitimate or a scam. Well we can say, after reading MANY reviews and investigating into the background of the company, that Alpine Access is legitimate. [...]

Trapped by Familiarity?

Andre Agassi's shocking autobiography. He describes how trapped he felt doing something he hated

Andre Agassi's shocking autobiography. He describes how trapped he felt doing something he hated

The husband and I sat down to watch Andre Agassi on 60 Minutes this evening.  His autobiography, Open, comes out tomorrow, and is full of juicy and scandalous revelations.  He was addicted to crystal meth.  His iconic hair of the late 80s was a weave.  And perhaps most surprising, he hated tennis, and still doesn’t like it very much.  I found it shocking – he was so good at it, it was his whole life, and he hated it! [...]

Risk-taking has its rewards – and its traps

Unethical behavior is a risky roll of the dice

Unethical behavior is a risky roll of the dice

Working independently – whether working from home for someone else, or working in the realm of your own business – is an incredibly rewarding and challenging experience.  You get to call the shots, make the decisions, be your own boss (or at least, your own supervisor).   Truly, any willingness to leave the safe cocoon of a regular office job takes an enormous amount of courage and the ability to weigh options and take a calculated risk. [...]

Bank Failures and Working from Home

Bank FailuresAlthough bank failures in the United States continue to contribute to the recession, another look at the consequences arisen from the fall of many of these giants could provide a beneficial outlook for those who have always wanted to work from home. If you’re worried about either keeping your job or finding a job, this recession may be the perfect time to put that brilliant business idea that’s been on the back burner for years to good use. [...]

Working from Home: Persuading your Boss

Keyboard and SandalsThere are many advantages of telecommuting that you can use to convince your employer to let you work from home.

I’ve found 8 benefits you can talk about with your employer, according to Kate Lister and Tom Harnish, authors of “Undress for Success: The Naked Truth About Making Money at Home” (Wiley, 2009).

  1. Most employers that have been surveyed have said that they’ve noticed an improvement in productivity among their employees who were telecommuting. The amount was substantially more than usual and was observed to be as high as 35% more.