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Health Insurance: Is Obama’s Plan EVER Going to Get Passed?

Health InsuranceAs the Obama health care reform debates continue to rage, the sense of unease experienced by Americans across the country is ever more so frustrating for those who work at home.  As insurance carriers continue to advocate for their side of the debate, it seems that all rational thought the American public may have possessed is quickly turning to craziness and heathen-calling.  While home business owners and those who work at home wait to see if Obama’s plan will actually be implemented, unforeseen medical expenses can jeopardize their finances and their home business. [...]

Health Care Reform

Is health care reform actually happening?

Is health care reform actually happening?

I have felt for a very long time that a major obstacle for economic growth in the United States was the health care situation.  For as many small business that are started up, how many more great ideas are shelved because of the economic barriers to entrepreneurship? Arguably, one of those largest barriers is health insurance.  And, it’s not just a barrier for the person starting the business… but when you start a business, sometimes you need to hire people, and you want to hire the best people.  How many of those best people will be willing to work without health insurance? [...]