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CDC says “Stay Home!”

Staying Home with the Flu protects others.

Staying Home with the Flu protects others.

The H1N1 virus is spreading and causing more families to stay home. Business are suffering. Key employees are out with the flu, and it;s been said that if things don’t get better, our country could be in big economic trouble. Business leaders are announcing that it is crucial for local and small businesses to have some type of a backup plan to keep their productivity strong.

It’s times like these when we see the benefits of people being able to work at home, especially mothers. While some companies have half their staff out because they’re sick themselves or if they’re home sick with their children, work from home moms are able to care for their children while earning their livings at home. While sick employees are experiencing salary cuts just to balance out the work, the self-employed or telecommuters are thriving and financially unaffected by the flu, for the most part.

Business leaders say employers need to teach their employees how to prepare for or make up for a large amount of sick days. The best solution they’ve come up with is to look into how employees can work at home and how back up suppliers can take over an overbearing work-load. But if businesses can’t do those things or come up with an alternate solution, then they have no choice but to focus on keeping their employees healthy, and that can get expensive.

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