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Yankees Parade: Did Your Job Prevent You from Going?

Yankees ParadeToday, Yankees fans everywhere cry hoorah as their team is rewarded for their 2009 World Series Win with a full-blown, ticker-tape parade in New York City.  An actual benefit for the unemployed includes actually being able to attend the parade in New York city. While the traditionally employed fans are trying to catch a peak at the celebratory parade via the Internet at work, and trying to make sure their boss isn’t around, those of us working from home have found yet another benefit to being the boss of our own schedule.

A major benefit to working at home and being your own boss includes being able to schedule into your day those important and memorable moments that usually occur while the rest of the world is busy slaving away for the corporate schedule.  Although its not always realistic to imagine that working at home will enable you to take time off whenever you please, even being able to have the TV tuned into the Yankees World Series celebration parade while you work can be a pleasant perk to your day.  Judging from the fact that the last time the Yankees won the world series was 9 years ago, in 2000, this celebration could be the only one New York fans see for another decade!



Although being able to attend the celebration is meaningful for adult die-hard fans, imagine the joy for the thousands of pint-sized Yankee fans.  An even more beneficial aspect of being able to determine your own schedule by working at home is being able to make the decision to keep the kids out of school in order to spend some quality time together.  After all, one day of missing school might not mean much but it’s memories like these that last a lifetime.

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