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Modern Warfare 2 and Becoming a Video Game Tester

Game TesterModern Warfare 2, the sequel to the popular Modern Warfare video game, has recently been released to rave reviews.  In fact, Modern Warfare 2 is being held as one of the best video gaming experiences ever created!  The video game is being praised for everything from its stellar sound to its realistic world locations and intense action-packed play.  Record breaking sales, however, mean that any errors the game has are bound to be experienced by gamers.  Recently, players have been reporting that they are running into problems when attempting to connect online.  Many users have suggested that rebooting your system does fix this problem.

Video game creators and manufacturers test their games fervently before release, but despite this process, some errors are bound to slip through the cracks.  Video gaming companies use video game testers who spend hours playing the game and noting bugs.  This practice opens up an opportunity for video game lovers to bring in some income while doing what they love, playing video games!

Video game testers usually begin working at a company until they build enough trust and work ethic that they can start working from home.  However, this doesn’t mean that they can be slackers.  Video game testing requires the ability to pay attention to detail in order to report even minor flaws.  A slightly obsessive personality is actually a good quality to have as a video game tester.  Sometimes the games need to be played through many times, in many different ways, in order to look for every possible flaw.

If it sounds like video game testing is the dream work-at-home job you’ve been waiting for, websites such as Game Testing Ground and Game Tester Guide are a great place to start looking for opportunities.  Note that ads often involve the words “quality assurance.”  Jobs pay in the range of $9.00/hr-$80.00/hr varying with experience.

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