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The Droid Launch and Your Options

Motorola DroidToday, with the new Motorola Droid cell phone launch taking the world, and the Internet, by storm, tech gadget & cell phone enthusiasts are buzzing. However, if you’re not one of those people who knows everything about a new application or cell phone when it comes out, trying to decide on the best phone for you while you work at home can be tough.

Although working at home has many benefits, it does tend to cut you off from the corporate world.  Working from home usually means that your cell phone is your most important, if not only means of communication with clients and being able to network efficiently.

No matter what new cell phone trend is popping up on the web waves, it’s important to remember not to get caught up by the hype.  Look beyond the buzz in order to find a phone that is practical for your needs and within your budget.  Remember that cell phones, more than likely, will need to be repaired or replaced, so insurance is always a good idea.



The new Android 2.0, or Droid for short, is a joint endeavor between Google, Motorola and Verizon.  It is powered by the same TiOMAP3430 core that is used in the iPhone and the Palm Pre, however, its slide out keyboard could prove to be a huge advantage over both the iPhone and the Palm Pre .  The Droid does offer a huge screen with crisp picture.  Features also include improvements on speed when moving from application to application and future potential tethering ability.

Although the Droid is slightly fatter than the iPhone 3GS, it has a super long battery life and could prove to be more popular handling-wise than the iPhone.  If these features sound like that extra edge that your work-at-home environment needs to be efficient and successful, the Droid might be well worth looking into.  However, if your trying to conserve resources and pool funds towards other areas of your financial situation, the Droid might prove too hot to handle.

It’s true that Verizon, the Droid’s carrier, has been voted the best cell phone service provider in recent years.  But top-notch service apparently doesn’t come cheap.  It may be the best phone out there, for now, but the Droid will cost you more than a pretty penny.  It may be best to consider more affordable options that have many of the same capabilities as the hype-driven Droid for much, much less.  The MyTouch 3G, for example, only costs $199 while the iPhone 3G is only $99.

The new Droid phone will cost at least double that price.  Furthermore, these phones have a time-tested reputation and can prove to be the safer option.  Keeping an eye out for developments in the technology that will help you work at home more productively is a good idea, but it might be better to do some research before being carried away by the latest hot trend.

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