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Black Friday: Great Deals for Your Home Business

Black FridayWith black Friday just a few weeks away, retailers are busy promoting ways to get your business.  Small business owners in need of technological supplies should consider heading out to Walmart.  The retail giant is openings its doors to great deals starting November 7. Walmart is offering a deal on the HP Pavilion G60-519WM computer that rivals even its typical, everyday low prices! [...]

Texas Bar Results and the Unemployment Rise

LawyersAfter months of anticipation, Texas Bar results are to be released today soon to be followed suit by the rest of the country.  As thousands of law school graduates hold their breaths, one has to wonder if these soon-to-be law professionals realize that just having passed the Bar could prove to be not enough in securing employment in their field. [...]

Sesame Street: 40 Years of Helping Parents Work at Home

Sesame Street GroupThis month, the colorful, wacky, ever-entertaining and, not to forget, always educational characters on Sesame Street celebrate 40 years in television history.  Since 1969, Big Bird, the Cookie Monster, and Elmo have brought informative and creative programming into homes across America, and much of the world. Highly parent-approved, Sesame Street is one of the few television shows running today that parents can plop their kids in front of and not have to worry about the information they will be absorbing. [...]

T-Mobile Outage Equals Good Deal Opportunity for Your Business?

Cell TowerOften running a small business can mean living on and by your hand-held tele-communicating device, or cell phone.  Those running small businesses and working from home, or even from their cars, depend on these tiny morsels of communication for much more than making calls.  With a personal assistant out of the budget plans of most at-home businesses, at-home CEO’s are relying more and more on Blackberries, iPhones, and Sidekicks to hold all the essentials of any business including appointment books, contact lists, client information and notes on new ideas. [...]

Bank Failures and Working from Home

Bank FailuresAlthough bank failures in the United States continue to contribute to the recession, another look at the consequences arisen from the fall of many of these giants could provide a beneficial outlook for those who have always wanted to work from home. If you’re worried about either keeping your job or finding a job, this recession may be the perfect time to put that brilliant business idea that’s been on the back burner for years to good use. [...]

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