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iPhone and Motorola Droid


Cellphones like the iPhone & Motorola Droid help you Work at Home

Cell phones technologies such as the iPhone and the upcoming Motorola Droid are making it more and more possible each day to work from home or anywhere in the world – even while traveling – and reduce your stressful lifestyle. It let’s you be anywhere and still get your work done. It has really helped me to be able to take MORE vacations because I’m not dependent on a job to decide when I can travel. I usually just go when ever I realize I have some money saved up, and I want to travel. And I complete my work while traveling, by the pool, sipping on a drink. [...]

CDC says “Stay Home!”

Staying Home with the Flu protects others.

Staying Home with the Flu protects others.

The H1N1 virus is spreading and causing more families to stay home. Business are suffering. Key employees are out with the flu, and it;s been said that if things don’t get better, our country could be in big economic trouble. Business leaders are announcing that it is crucial for local and small businesses to have some type of a backup plan to keep their productivity strong. [...]

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