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Make your photos work for you!

Sch67_PhotographerOne of the most talked-about movie releases of the year is the movie Avatar, directed by James Cameron.  This flick looks wicked cool, mostly because it is such a massive special effects undertaking.  Just from seeing the previews, I can’t even begin to fathom how some of it was done. But fortunately, most of the demand for videos, photo editing, etc., is not of the ”Avatar movie” caliber. [...]

Never a better time to quit…

Quitting smoking can improve your health and your bottom line

Quitting smoking can improve your health and your bottom line

…than right now!

Today is the Great American Smokeout, a day created to encourage smokers to quit the habit, even for just one day.  It’s a great impetus to see if you can go without cigarettes or other tobacco products for 24 hours. [...]

Foreclosures and Real Estate Investing

Foreclosures and Real Estate InvestingThe housing market, as we all know, is not exactly a bowl of cherries these days.  Lending has tightened up, prices are unpredictable at best and freefalling at worst, and people are losing their homes to foreclosure all over the place.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should run away from the idea of real estate investing.  While the market might no longer be full of oodles of real estate plums ripe for the picking, there are still great ways to get in on the market.  Real estate investing is a great way to work from home (at least part-time, at first), and the foreclosure market is a great way to do this. [...]

Should you get the H1N1 vaccine?

Should you get an H1N1 flu shot?

Should you get an H1N1 flu shot?

We all know working from home has a great list of benefits, and a really great one is that you don’t get sick nearly as often.   But the H1N1 influenza is out there, and it looks pretty nasty.   The vaccine has been released but its availability right now is sketchy at best.  To gauge whether the vaccine is worth pursuing (right now, or soon), answer some of these questions for yourself: [...]

Health Care Reform

Is health care reform actually happening?

Is health care reform actually happening?

I have felt for a very long time that a major obstacle for economic growth in the United States was the health care situation.  For as many small business that are started up, how many more great ideas are shelved because of the economic barriers to entrepreneurship? Arguably, one of those largest barriers is health insurance.  And, it’s not just a barrier for the person starting the business… but when you start a business, sometimes you need to hire people, and you want to hire the best people.  How many of those best people will be willing to work without health insurance? [...]

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