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What Types of Transcription Jobs Can I Get?

There are many reasons why companies may need to change audio files into written files. Audio files arenít a good source of records. Instead, it is better to have your official records in print so anyone can read them. However, this field of transcription jobs is actually split up into several different categories. While each category works in the same way in general, they are also different. Understanding the differences can help you find the type that is right for you.

Medical transcription jobs are one of the most commonly heard about jobs in the transcription field. To get one of these jobs, you will need to complete some schooling to learn the medical terminology and other medical information. Without this training, you canít expect to find a job in the field. Many companies will also require at least two yearsí experience before hiring you at home. Working in medical transcription means you will create written medical records, letters and other important documents from audio files.

Legal transcription jobs are another option if you are interested in transcription. These jobs often donít require any special training, but it certainly helps to be familiar with the legal terminology. This type of transcription requires you to transfer audio court records and other legal information into written documents that have legal standing. Some law firms will want to use someone with experience so they can be confident in your understanding of legal jargon.

General transcription jobs are among the most common jobs in transcription you can find. These jobs will entail typing up audio files that cover a wide range of topics and types. For instance, you could be responsible for typing up the closed captioning for television shows. Or you could type up seminars, lectures or other educational documents to provide to students as a breakdown of what they learned. If you are familiar with foreign languages, you may also find a general transcription job that requires you to listen to an audio file in one language and type it up in another. These types of transcription often require no training and sometimes even donít require experience.

To become an effective transcriptionist of any type, you will need to be able to type quickly and have a strong understanding of grammar. This will ensure that your documents will be accurate and you are able to complete them as quickly as possible. When you are working a transcription job, you will be paid based on how much work you can complete, not on an hourly basis. Once you know what is involved, you will be able to figure out which type is the best for you.

When you are looking at the different types of transcription jobs available, you will need to understand the differences. If you are going to enter into medical transcription, you will need to complete the proper coursework. Otherwise, you will need to check into the various companies that hire transcriptionists so you know what their individual requirements are in terms of experience and training. If you are just starting out, general transcription may be best. However, if you have an interest in medicine or law, transcribing those documents can be more interesting for you.

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