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Make Money Doing Dictation at Home!

There are a number of reasons why a person would want to work from home. One of the most common reasons is to stay at home with the family. Additionally, college students, retirees, disabled persons, and anyone looking for a secondary source of income may decide to make an income doing dictation at home. Thanks to the internet, telecommuting jobs are accessible to anyone with a home computer. The need and supply of at-home-work positions has increasingly grown - providing people and companies the opportunity to benefit greatly.

A lot of people earn an income by doing dictation at home. Some people build up such a steady clientele that they outsource their work to other parties. This allows them to make a percentage of every job. It’s very similar to a finder’s fee. Nevertheless, everyone needs to start small before they can think big. Starting small doesn’t mean that dictation at home has to be performed for low wages!

Even beginners that take up dictation at home have the capacity to earn a lot of money. The salary isn’t based on experience - it’s based on performance. A person that works hard and meets deadlines will become very successful. Everyone has the capacity to earn a lot of money doing dictation at home - it just requires time and effort. A person who devotes a full-time schedule to dictation will obviously make more money than a person who only works part-time. If a person has a lot of extra time, dictation provides the opportunity to turn that spare time into cash! Anyone that passes up a work-at-home opportunity performing dictation will end up regretting it in the long run.

A person that has the ability to type quickly and accurately can do dictation at home. The best candidate to do dictation at home is someone that’s been called a ‘perfectionist’ at some point in their life. Most dictation jobs are written in the English language. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of dictation work that deals with translation.

Bilingual people have an excellent advantage that’s considered an asset by many companies in North America and Europe. The need for bilingual people to do dictation at home has increased as telecommuting jobs bring people together from all over the world. Despite this, most businesses pay their employees in US Dollars, regardless of where they’re located. Of course this isn’t a guarantee and should be inquired on with all international transactions of work.

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Medical Transcriptionist

Graduate or equivalent; at least three years of... motivated and self-disciplined in order to work at home office without direct supervision; must be able...
»

Office Assistant 3 - Typing Positions (W...

Public access computers are available at many libraries, and at workforce wv offices. this job (oa 3... at any available internet connected computer (home...
»


At crouse hospital (training period may take several months depending on individual experience); once training is completed, the individual would work from home.
»

Online Medical Transcriptionist

Are you a pro at taking dictation, drafting documents, and getting things done without someone constantly checking on you? Are you sick of having your boss constantly on your back? Consider starting a small online medical transcription business. Many people think that medical transcription work is similar to that of a secretary in an office setting taking dictation from her boss.
» Online Medical Transcriptionist

Teacher Assistant (Floater)

Work, photographs, child’s dictations, and anecdotal... results, ieps, parent-teacher conference results, home visits and on-going individual goal planning and...
»

Scheduler, Esophageal & Thoracic Diseases (Peters Township & WPH)

Offices close to home. highly skilled expert physicians provide advanced care at the outpatient care... and transcribes physician dictation in good form.
»


Over the past decade, may companies have flourished through internet business strategies. Online businesses are a cost-efficient way of running a company without the high over-head cost of rent, supplies and equipment.
» Hometyper

Fast Money

Do you want to make quick cash? When you become a freelancer you can make fast money working from home. It doesn’t matter what your skills are, there’s always a job opportunity for an eager person that has a computer and an internet connection.
» Fast Money

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