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Mystery Shopping Opportunities

More and more moms these days are looking for creative ways to be able to stay at home with their children, and yet still help the family pay its bills. Mystery shopping provides an opportunity to do this. The purpose of mystery shopping from the hiring company's point of view is to gather information from the field on customer service, wait times, adherence to company policy, and other matters.

From the stay-at-home mom's point of view, mystery shopping is a great way to get part-time work fast. Mystery shopping services hire mystery shoppers all over the country, providing opportunities no matter where you live. The only catch is that sometimes it can be hard to find the mystery shopping services with assignments in your area.

A number of internet sites exist that provide information on mystery shopping opportunities. This information can be helpful in getting started as a mystery shopper, but unfortunately some sites exist that charge a fee for information, but don't deliver much value for your money. has reviewed mystery shopping sites, and we recommend our top picks for good mystery shopping information online.

Although mystery shopping is a part time job (in most cases), would-be mystery shoppers should realize that it is a real job. The more experience you gain as a mystery shopper, the better your mystery shopping opportunities are likely to become. If you feel this would be a good field for you, investigate our listings to see how you can become a mystery shopper.

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Mystery Shopping Jobs

Did you know that some people are paid to act as consumer advocates, and in the process get to shop for free? Sometimes these people make as much as $50 an hour to shop and eat out. These people have what are called mystery shopping jobs or secret shopping jobs.
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