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How Data Entry and Information Services Jobs Work

The first thing that comes to mind when some people think of jobs that can be done from home is data entry and information services jobs. Though they are generally lumped together, data entry jobs and information services actually represent a few different types of positions that serve similar purposes. Though the work isn’t for everyone, some data entry and information services workers actually make pretty good money for the work that they do.

There is sometimes a bit of misconception about how data entry and information services jobs actually work, however. Some don’t understand what it is that you actually do when working a data entry job, and don’t understand that there are actual differences between data entry and other information services jobs. Some don’t believe that the jobs are real at all, assuming that any listing for a data entry or information services position is a scam. Though there are scams out there, legitimate data entry and information services jobs exist as well.

At their most basic, data entry and information services positions require you to perform specific actions with certain types of data. In the case of data entry positions you will be taking the data and typing it into spreadsheets, computer programs or website forms to transcribe the data from its original source to an organized listing that your employer can use. Information services positions are similar, though they may encompass additional tasks such as transcription from audio or video sources as well. The end result remains the same, however; information from one source has been processed into a form that is more easily used by others.

Most data entry and information services jobs allow workers to work from the comfort of their own homes and set their own schedules. In many cases there is no set amount of work that’s required, making them ideal for people who want to make a little bit of extra income but don’t want to commit to doing a specific amount of work each week. There are some data entry and information services jobs that have quotas which much be met or deadlines by which a specific amount of work must be done, of course; interested individuals will find out the specifics of the workload before taking the job.

When looking for data entry and information services jobs, it’s important to be wary of positions that sound like they’re too good to be true. Though there are legitimate data entry and information services jobs available, scammers sometimes create fake listings for data entry and other information services jobs to try and lure in potential victims who are looking for work that they can do from home. These scam listings are often posted on free classified websites and promise high pay for easy work, but when individuals respond to them they’re often asked to pay a small fee for a “starter” kit or to sign up for a website that will show them how to get work. Legitimate information services jobs should never require workers to pay up-front for the ability to work.

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