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Become A Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers are hired by large retail stores, restaurants or even movie theaters to check up on customer service. These mystery shoppers go into a business, purchase a good or service, and then evaluate the performance of sales clerks and the overall store. These evaluations allow a business to determine whether or not their customer service and satisfaction is at par with industry standards.

A day in the life of a mystery shopper begins by visiting the store or restaurant in question. Nobody in the store is aware that their management is checking up on their performance. This means that the mystery shopper can do their evaluation without the store being prepared for them. It allows for a more realistic scenario of how the store really is doing on many levels concerning their interaction with customers and the public at large.

Generally, a mystery shopper will be looking for very specific criteria when going into a store. Customer service, store cleanliness and product placement are all important factors a mystery shopper must look for during his work day. After the shopper is done for the day, he goes home and fills out a survey about the store or restaurant and reports on it honestly. These surveys are then critiqued and the upper-echelon of a company may institute new changes or policies to improve their store's under review.

In many cases, mystery shoppers are hired as independent contractors or freelancers. This means that just about anybody can be a mystery shopper and get paid to do it. can ensure that the mystery shopper position you're about to sign up for is legitimate, pays well and is worth your time.

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