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Finding Online Jobs for Students

Being a student can be expensive, especially if student loans and scholarships donít cover all of the day-to-day expenses of class materials, room and board. Jobs for students are sometimes hard to come by as well, especially when work hours have to be fit in among study time and classes. To help make ends meet and find work that better fits their busy schedules, some students turn to online jobs that let them set their own work schedules and workloads.

Online jobs for students are usually writing or data entry-based, though other opportunities such as paid forum moderation and paid ad posting occasionally present themselves as well. While care must be taken when it comes to choosing online opportunities to pursue, many student job seekers manage to do relatively well and may choose several different online companies to work with to ensure an uninterrupted cash flow. Companies that offer online jobs for students tend to advertise frequently and in some cases are even active in social media environments such as Facebook and Twitter to make them easier to find.

One example of online jobs for students is being an article writer for information websites and private clients. Articles written for these websites often require research to complete, but the research can generally be done online as well. The amount of time required to write these articles depends on both the knowledge and writing experience of the student, but with sufficient titles available for writing and efficient time management a student can make a decent amount of extra money while writing articles online.

Data entry jobs for students typically involve taking unordered information and entering it into an online portal, database form or spreadsheet so that it can be more easily used by a company or employer. There is typically no research involved in these data entry jobs, though some positions may require students to look things up online or find links to websites that can be used as a reference for others. The pay for individual pieces is typically low, but for students who are willing to perform repetitive tasks and have decent typing skills there is a potential to earn a significant amount by processing large amounts of data.

The main problem with trying to find online jobs for students is that some scam artists try to take advantage of young people who arenít as likely to recognize online scams as some older job-seekers. These scammers will post fake job ads aimed toward students in hopes of getting young people to respond and will then offer them opportunities to sign up for subscription job services or other websites where the scammer will earn an affiliate commission. Some scammers may even defraud the students directly, requiring them to pay upfront costs to get a work-at-home kit or other information that has fairly little actual value. Students should be wary of online jobs that sound too good to be true and should walk away from any opportunity where they are expected to pay someone else for the opportunity to make a little extra money.

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The ideal candidate is a student with an interest in nonprofit work, social media, and event planning who is available 10-20 hours a week.
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Student/College Advisor

Manage a partial caseload of students; requires some local travel transporting students. once students are enrolled, the student/college advisor will be…
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Business Analyst

Non-it students can also apply if they are willing to go and work as a software developer. bachelors or master’s in business administration or ba in cs/it ,…
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Education Employment

Education employment is always a little more difficult to find than other types of work. With so many levels of training and experience, there are more limitations on the educational field than many other career industries.
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Education Advocate

Review special education and section 504 documents, including student files, evaluation assessment reports, ieps and section 504 plans.
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Art Assistant Needed

Provide assistance to students with the completionand generation of art projects. promote and support positive personalinteraction with students, teachers, and…
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Online Medical Transcriptionist

Are you a pro at taking dictation, drafting documents, and getting things done without someone constantly checking on you? Are you sick of having your boss constantly on your back? Consider starting a small online medical transcription business. Many people think that medical transcription work is similar to that of a secretary in an office setting taking dictation from her boss.
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