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Macedonian into english, and english into macedonian. bengali into english, and english into bengali. editors must have a minimum of five years verifiable...
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Court Translation Reviewer / Editor / Certifier

We are currently looking for reviewers / editors / certifiers who will review the translation for 1 of the following 64 target languages into english and from...
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Paid to Shop

Do you enjoy shopping? It's a question, and exuberant 'YES!" answer, that is often attributed only to women. However, it's no secret that although most men don't enjoy the mall, men DO love to shop for things like electrical appliances and technological gadgets.
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Jobs from Home

The technology revolution has made it easier than ever for companies to support a mobile workforce. For many companies, that means allowing some employees to do some or all of their jobs from home.
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Fast Money

Do you want to make quick cash? When you become a freelancer you can make fast money working from home. It doesn’t matter what your skills are, there’s always a job opportunity for an eager person that has a computer and an internet connection.
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Typist at Home

Have you ever been complemented on your tying skills? Instead of typing on the internet for free, you could earn a lot of money when you’re a typist at home. Don’t give away your talent for free! A typist at home can make an income typing on a daily basis.
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