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Job Hunting

If you want to be one of the top income earners in the U.S., research shows that one thing you shouldn't do is go job hunting. Of course, there are some top executives who earn in excess of $100,000 annually, but the vast majority of people who make that much or more per year are business owners, not job holders. Perhaps that's why new business ownership (including home business ownership) has grown so much in this decade.

If you've been laid off or gone job hunting recently, you may already know how discouraging a process that can be these days. You may be ready to find alternative sources of income, including becoming your own boss. The question you may have is, where do I start? provides information that can start you on the road away from job hunting, and towards taking more control over your life. You may already have noticed that there are services advertised online that promise to link you to paid work performing such easy tasks as answering surveys, or shopping at local stores--for a fee. Are these services worth the money, and can they provide a realistic way to earn income while you build a part- or full-time business? has some recommendations for you on this subject. We also review information on low-cost ways to get started running your own business through the Internet. Our information on pay-per-click businesses alone could get you inspired to finally become an entrepreneur.

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Education Employment

Education employment is always a little more difficult to find than other types of work. With so many levels of training and experience, there are more limitations on the educational field than many other career industries.
» Education Employment

Employment Opportunity

Working online gives people a lot of options when it comes to finding ways to make a living. There are two types of online work that you can generally find, and knowing the difference between the two can make a big impact on your final decision.
» Employment Opportunity

Employment Solutions

In a world where technology is quickly taking over, many people seek employment solutions from online jobs and online job banks, which is actually a very effective tool to use. Most people think of online work and they either think it costs money or itís a scam.
» Employment Solutions

Free Jobs at Home

Most people spend endless hours searching for the perfect job opportunity when they could sign up for a mailing list that will save them hours of aggravation. Unfortunately, most people do not realize that they can find free jobs at home by using the internet.
» Free Jobs at Home

Jobs Online

As a Resume Development Coordinator for a local neighborhood computer access center, Iím often asked to offer tips for finding jobs online. While many people are aware that they can find job listings online, few know the ins and outs of using online job posting boards and jobs online databases.
» Jobs Online

Working from Home

Are you looking for a good way to make money working from home? Youíre not alone. Every day, thousands of people just like you decide that itís time they took control of their lives and their finances Ė and start making money at home.
» Working from Home

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