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Help! I Want a Job to Pay My Bills!

We’ve all heard ourselves say that at one time or another in life. Have your bill’s gotten out of control? Instead of filing for bankruptcy and selling everything you own, consider a more practical method: get a job. That may sound easier than it is, but there are a number of job opportunities that can be found online or in your local newspaper.

Anyone can get a job, finding the right job is the difficult part. Ask yourself what kind of qualifications and skills you have to offer to an employer. Once you’ve thought about it, you can narrow your search down. “I want a job,” can be clarified as: I want a job that will allow be to use my tradesman skills. Next, you should think about the things that you’d like in return from your employer, such as: I want a job that’s full-time with full benefits and a good salary. Now you’re ready to make a resume!

Your career objective should never say: I want a job. Of course you want a job, otherwise you wouldn’t be filling out a resume. A career objective should be a full sentence describing what you’d like to do. The next thing you that should appear on your resume is all of your work experience including the start and end of your employment with each company. If you don’t have prior work experience, write details of any volunteer work, extra-curricular activities, education and any skills you may have. Ideally, you want to stand out from the rest of the people applying for the same position.

As you can see, it’s easy to say: I want a job. It’s not as easy to prepare yourself for getting your dream job. The term: I want a job - is very vague. If you’re looking for jobs online, you should be very precise. For example, if you have a college degree, a “I want a job” search query may provide results for which you’re over-qualified. If you’re a computer programmer, your search query should state: I want a job for computer programmers. If you’re a graphic designer, your search query should be: I want a job for graphic designers, etc. It’s very simple.

You may not find your dream job right away, but don’t let that discourage you. If you need a job to pay for bills, any employment position willing to hire you brings you closer to your goal. You can pay your bills off paycheck by paycheck. You’ll feel a whole lot better when you’ve eliminated the stress of financial debt.

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