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Finding A Job

There are many common methods for finding a job. Searching through listings on job boards, asking friends and neighbors for leads, and reading classified ads are some of the recommended ways of finding a job. Most realistic employment counselors will tell you that these processes aren't easy, fun, or even likely to pay off quickly.

It's no wonder that in the economic climate of this decade, many people are turning to alternative ways of working and finding jobs. Layoffs have convinced some that corporate job security is an illusion; others have learned that the demands of work and family are incompatible unless they can find a way to work at home. provides a realistic way to avoid the misery and rejection that often accompany common ways of finding a job, while introducing you to real work-at-home opportunities. reviews and ranks legitimate job opportunities that don't come with the restrictions of old-fashioned full-time employment. You can be your own boss, and set your own schedule. You won't have to prepare a resume, send out cover letters, or endure awkward interviews to begin earning money quickly.'s function is to separate the reality from the hype that surrounds so many apparent income opportunities advertised online. We look at several categories of jobs that are popular with people who want to work at home, such as paid survey taking and mystery shopping. View the information in our listings, and begin the process of finding a job that is realistic for you.

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Two Nannies for Infant

Observant to the needs of family to anticipate their needs (e.g., finding and registering child for activities that are age appropriate, planning engaging…
»

"A-Player" Ethical Hacker / Penetration Tester Desired!

Research, document and discuss security findings with management and it teams,. _progressive cybersecurity and digital forensic firm seeks a self-motivated,…
»

WANTED: Santa Claus Riding a Unicorn

After searching a long time for the right person, i'm worried he or she doesn't actually exist, and perhaps i'd have better luck finding a fictitious character.
»

Legal Employment

Finding legal employment is not a complicated task if you know what youre getting involved with. One of the best tools that you have, even if you arent planning to work from home, is the internet.
» Legal Employment

Field Service Manager - East

Investigate accidents and injuries, and prepare and escalate reports of findings. the field service manager is responsible for local management of a field…
»

Personal Shopper

Do you get excited about finding secondhand items a second home? we are seeking fun, fashionable and energetic people who want to be on the ground floor of a…
»

Legal Employment 101

There are dozens of different industries that offer online employment to people that work in the field. Legal employment is one type of work that you can find online, and it can include many different areas of the industry.
» Legal Employment 101

Surf and Earn

If you are someone who spends a lot of time on the Internet, you may wonder how you can turn that seemingly wasted time into money. It may seem like this is something that just isnt possible, but that isnt entirely true.
» Surf and Earn

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