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Wholesale Suppliers You Can Count On

Having a great idea for a business is only half the battle. The other half usually involves finding the wholesale supplier who is right for you and can help your business grow. Unfortunately, this process can be treacherous, time consuming, and absolutely frustrating. No matter how thoroughly you do your homework, the question still remains, who do you trust? SaleHoo is a website that offers members access to a directory of 8,000 pre-Screened and legitimate wholesale suppliers, dropshippers, manufacturers, and liquidators.

As one of the largest wholesale supplier communities on the Net, SaleHoo makes finding the people you need for your business fast, safe, and super easy. The sheer size of the site is an attribute to it's popularity but also works to your benefit by offering you providers of nearly every kind of product imaginable. There are even wholesalers for brand-name products, and suppliers who cater to low order quantities. Plus, the site is always updating its database, an entire team of researchers work to offer you a current and legitimate directory. Suppliers on the site even ship oversees.

A membership with the site comes with huge benefits that outdo all concerns. SaleHoo offers its members unlimited access to the database, member support, and the forum FOR LIFE. The one time membership fee is exactly that, ONE TIME. And if you didn't know, that fee is tax deductible! And if you really aren't satisfied after trying the site, they will refund your money 100%.

Your membership also comes with 5 great books filled with information on what to look for, what to avoid, and what will help you in jump starting your business.

If you're not too sure about the potential of your business idea to succeed, you can use the site as a great place to begin. For starters, members get to communicate with experienced buyers on forums. The forums offer a great place for you to test out your product idea. Experienced members are blunt and direct in their opinions on whether they think your product will SAIL or FAIL. If you're product is likely to tank, it's better to find out right away and move your strategy towards products that will actually succeed.

Even if you don't have a product in mind yet, the forums can help you hone in on a product both you and your potential consumers are excited about. Through the forums, you can also check on the wholesale supplier you are thinking of using to see if they have any less-than-favorable reviews. An entire section dedicated to horrible wholesale stories will make your eyes go wide and your head think twice. Communicating and making friends on the forums can also save you money. Members who combine their purchasing power on orders from suppliers can get huge discounts.

Don't let that great idea dwindle and catch dust in the back of your mind and don't let your future depend on a supplier who can't be trusted. Join SaleHoo to get the upper hand on the dos and don'ts of product providers who will help make you a success.

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