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Become an Event Planner

Meeting or event planners are detail oriented, have experience in the professional or business world, and may or may not possess degrees which help them plan, manage, and execute well run corporate meetings and major events.

No matter the economic situation of the day, people will always need to plan events and meetings. Not only could you market yourself as a party planner for birthdays, anniversaries and family reunions, but corporations often need event and meeting planners as well. Corporations recognize the importance of having well-run and successful meetings and events. There is a lot of money at stake for them. For example, associations need annual meetings in order to raise a big percentage of their yearly operating funds and non-profits need to hold special events in order to replenish their funds.

If you are serious about meeting or event planning, you must GET CERTIFIED. The certification process can provide you with a deeper understanding of the skills that are required in order to be successful in this field. Certification also helps promote you as a professional who meets standard expectations of practice. It also conveys you as dedicated and lets your employer know that you have a working knowledge of how to plan, manage and execute successful meetings and events.

Certification helps you build a solid reputation in an industry where reputation can be just the thing that makes or breaks you. Becoming An Event Planner will help you start your business quickly and easily while providing valuable advice on attracting new clients.

After certification, you may consider working for free in order to build your resume. Local events are usually the best way to get your name out there. Local charities, PTA's or sports teams may appreciate your help. Offer your services and do your absolute best. Word of mouth is an important aspect of becoming successful in this field and maintaining your image as a professional at ALL TIMES should be priority number 1.

Lastly, consider building a website that will do well with search engines and pass out business cards in order to make yourself stand out. A professional website will help you generate business and also promote your image as a professional.

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