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What Is the Role of a QA Tester?

Though the QA tester has an essential role in software development, not everyone knows exactly what it is that a QA tester does. The “quality assurance” phase of software development tests games and other software products for bugs, glitches and other problems that need to be eliminated before the final product is shipped; QA testers are the individuals who perform these tests. QA testing can be intensive, sometimes requiring hours of work to find and document a single bug, but in the end it results in a better end product for consumers.

When working with a new program of software suite, a QA tester must become familiar with all of its functions to ensure that each function works properly. This can be somewhat of a daunting task at times, though sufficient documentation should be included to give the tester a familiarity with the program and how it functions. Each function should be tested individually and in combination with other functions if possible; the more testing each function receives, the more likely it is to be bug-free when the final product is shipped.

A QA tester often has to attempt to use software in ways that it wasn’t intended to be used to make sure that the program in question can handle commands or other input that it wasn’t designed to use. This is especially important for QA testers who work with game developers since players may not fully understand how they’re supposed to perform certain tasks and will try multiple things before coming across the correct solution. While the developer may have thought that a specific task was fairly straightforward, a QA tester must account for the possibility that players or other end users will think differently than the developer and may attempt things that the developer never thought of.

Even patches for existing software products typically has to go through quality assurance testing to make sure that the patches don’t introduce new bugs in the software. A QA tester must check and see whether the patch fixes the bug that it’s intended to patch as well as whether the bug is accessible in means that the patch doesn’t address. Testing of the program as a whole should be done after the patch is introduced as well to make sure that the patching process doesn’t accidentally change or damage essential files that could cause the program to not function properly.

A game or program may need to be tested by a QA tester several times before its final version is ready for release. Each set of bugs that are found require changes to the program’s code, resulting in the possibility for new bugs to be introduced. Subsequent rounds of QA testing check to see whether the changes that were made actually fixed the bugs or exploits that were discovered in the last round and also look for new bugs that were introduced or that weren’t obvious before due to previous bugs. If new glitches and bugs are found then the software is sent back to the development team to be fixed again.

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