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Mailroom Clerk

From printing checks, orders and labels, to stuffing ups envelopes this position is responsible for the incoming and outgoing ups, fedex and usps for atr.
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Clerk/ Typist I (Part-time, Non-benefited)

Provides general support such as answering the telephone and taking messages, opening and routing the mail, stuffing envelopes and preparing labels and mailings…
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Customer Service Associate Level II- All Shifts- CPC

Lifting, standing, reaching, twisting, sealing envelopes, opening mail, stacking, moving/stacking boxes, un-stapling, paper-clipping, book printing, sorting,…
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Support Associate III - Atlanta

When not directly assisting customer service, serve as a member of npic search team. lifting, standing, reaching, twisting, sealing envelopes, opening mail,…
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Document Management Technician

Assists the office with large mail outs by photocopying, stuffing, sealing and metering envelopes. as necessary, searches database for required information.
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Customer Service - Bi-lingual (Spanish) - Support Associate III - Atlanta

When not directly assisting customer service, serve as a member of npic search team. lifting, standing, reaching, twisting, sealing envelopes, opening mail,…
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Pennsylvania Jobs

In your search for Pennsylvania jobs, you have probably noticed that there are hundreds of jobs listed in your local paper and on the internet everyday but, you are probably wondering why, after sending out so many resumes, that you haven't heard back from any of those companies. Did you know that you are competing against hundreds of other applicants for all those jobs? Perhaps, you just cant find a job that you want to do.
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Montana Jobs

The rat race that we call job search is an endless and tiring task when you are looking for Montana jobs. The search seems as if it is as endless as the Montana sky.
» Montana Jobs

Stuff Envelopes at Home

If you have been searching on line for an easy money making opportunity that can be done at home, you may have come across stuffing envelopes and wondered if it really is possible to make money this way. The answer is yes it is, although you should not expect to become rich doing it; at best it will be a little additional income.
» Stuff Envelopes at Home

Get Paid from Home

Many people ask themselves: "How can I get paid from home?" Although this may sound like a seemingly complex question, it's really not. Just as you would like to get paid from home, many others do too.
» Get Paid from Home

New Zealand Job Search

Your New Zealand job search has landed you in a place where hundreds and thousands of other people are-exhausted and weary after a long day of searching for a job in New Zealand and applying for many of them with little result. While executing your New Zealand job search, you have probably noticed that there are thousands of jobs out there but, what you may not realize is that for every job there are hundreds of applications.
» New Zealand Job Search

Michigan Jobs

Are you searching for Michigan jobs? Then look no further! You have probably been surfing the net all day just looking for Michigan jobs-perhaps even applying to a few here and there. What if you knew that instead of looking for a job while you are sitting at home in your pyjamas, you could be working and making money? While searching for MI jobs, you are wasting your time-and you already know that.
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Ohio Jobs

Your search for Ohio jobs has likely taken you far and wide-from newspapers to the Internet, all searching for OH jobs. There are thousands of available Ohio jobs, the only problem is that there are thousands of people applying for the same OH jobs that you are.
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Packaging Jobs

A packaging job is a relatively simple work-from-home opportunity in which you have a number of items shipped to your house that you in turn package and ship off to their final recipients. The packages are usually small items or letters, and the postage on the envelopes or boxes used to ship them is typically prepaid.
» Packaging Jobs

Working from Home

Are you looking for a good way to make money working from home? Youre not alone. Every day, thousands of people just like you decide that its time they took control of their lives and their finances and start making money at home.
» Working from Home

Free Jobs from Home

Have you ever wondered why so many people work from home? Youve probably dismissed every work-at-home advertisement as a hoax. Working at home is no laughing matter.
» Free Jobs from Home

Envelope Stuffing

People who spend a lot of time trying to find something to do from home, whether for a little extra money or to make a full time income, have probably heard about envelope stuffing. If you have heard of this type of job, you may have also heard that these types of jobs are pretty much always a scam.
» Envelope Stuffing

Get Paid at Home

Do you have a job thats unpleasant to go to every day? Do you feel like youre being taken advantage of? Dont waste another minute working for an employer that doesnt appreciate your talent and hard work. Turn all of your experience into a lucrative self-employment business and get paid at home! When youre a freelance worker, there are always perks and benefits that make your previous employment history seem like a nightmare.
» Get Paid at Home

Get Paid to Type from Home

One of the easiest ways to generate a good income is to work from home. Every day, people from all over the world log on to their computers so they can get paid to type from home.
» Get Paid to Type from Home

Legal Employment

Finding legal employment is not a complicated task if you know what youre getting involved with. One of the best tools that you have, even if you arent planning to work from home, is the internet.
» Legal Employment

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