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Freelancer Jobs

The term "freelancer" refers to anyone who works, but not for just one employer and not on a regular, salaried basis. That's a pretty broad definition, and it covers a lot of different opportunities. For some types of freelance jobs, you need to put together a resume or portfolio, just like you would for a regular job. Some freelance jobs also require a lot of experience in a specialized field, like computer programming.

Yet there are other types of jobs that could be considered freelance that don't require these things, or that more closely resemble owning your own business. reviews and ranks opportunities for these non-traditional types of freelance jobs. As an example, have you ever thought of trying to make money through auctions on the Internet?

Selling goods through online auctions or making money through internet advertising aren't exactly like the traditional freelance fields of writing and designing, but they offer many of the same benefits (and maybe even more). You gain income streams through many different sources, set your own schedule, and don't work for a regular salary. Even better, you don't have to answer to anyone but yourself.

Of course, you may be interested in other types of freelance jobs that are less entrepreneurial, such as taking surveys or being a mystery shopper. reviews and ranks these kinds of opportunities, too. Look at our listings, and you can investigate the freelance opportunities that interest you.

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